Laravel Tutorials

Laravel 8 Validation example from scratch

In this tutorial we will learn about Laravel incoming data validation using Laravel Request class and Laravel custom rules which we will use by injecting in controller constructor

Laravel Google login tutorial from scratch

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement social auth with Google login in Laravel 6 and Laravel 7 using Laravel offical package socialite.

Laravel 6 Facebook login tutorial

Laravel 6 configure with facebook login. Learn how to setup social auth login with facebook. official package Socialite to integrate the social auth login with facebook using angular

How To Consume External Third Party Api In Laravel 5

In this tutorial we will learn how to consume external third party api with package guzzle using route in laravel, controller and singleton. You will also learn how to bind singleton with container

How to use Laravel Middleware with an example

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Laravel middleware with an example like middleware with laravel routes group, Laravel middleware single routes etc

Datatables Tutorial for Laravel 6

Datatables examples in Laravel 6. Learn how to implement using Laravel datatables package by yajra with sorting and filter column with bootstrap jquery datatables

Laravel 6 export / generate to pdf using laravel-dom

In this tutorail we will learn how to generate or export to pdf in laravel 6 using laravel-dom. This tutorial will help you to design and export PDF from mysql database table.

How to clear cache in Laravel 5

Laravel cache clear sometimes when you code and render the page on web browser it does not reflect. In this tutorial we will learn about Laravel cache clear.